• Happy July

    decided to do shipping included for the USA in my shop. It was one of those decisions that I went back and forth on but decided to take the plunge. #freeshipping #shippingincluded #JDCreativeHands
  • It's hot out there

    Have you found the perfect Father's Day gift yet? I don't do much for fathers though if you knit or crochet I do have some needle holders that would work for you. My site is linked to Etsy so if you are still looking, Etsy may have what you need. #JDcreativehands #knitting totes #crochet totes #Etsy
  • June is cool now but heat is coming

    The colors remind me of the beach. Long lazy summer days. Years ago I spent many a day at Huntington Beach. I would throw a beach ball with my friends or watch the big shipping boats moving along far out in the lake. #tote bags #yarn tote bgs # project bags #JDcreativehands #Summer fun #beach fun
  • Put on a happy smile

    I put on a happy smile when I am creating. I put on an even bigger smile when people say how much they love my work. It thrills me when the say my bags and sewing machine covers are well contructed. It says to me I am doing it right. I keep the wonderful comments in mind as I craft for it spurs me on to continue to do well. #dust covers # sewing machine covers #quilted dust covers # tote bags #knitting bags, # quilted craft bags
  • Happy Mothers Day

    A new tote. Mermaids float around on it. #tote bags #knitting bags #crochet bags #sewing covers #mothers day
  • A sunny day at last

    I'm working on more tote bags. My sister has been bugging me to make more hobo bags. Just not enough time in the day to do all I want to do. #whimsicalJD #tote bags #Mother's Day #scarf cowls
  • New Dust Covers

    Dust covers are a great way to protect a sewing machine while at the same time making it nice to look at when a machine is not in use.

    #dust covers #sewing machine covers #quilted dust covers #sewing studio d├ęcor
  • Big bright and orange

    A big bright orange tote bag to carry knitting and any other project.

    #orange tote bag #knitting tote #crochet tote # quilted tote bag
  • Mother's Day is coming soon

    Does your mother have a sewing machine that would love a little pick me up when she's not sewing or quilting? A quilted dust cover is perfect. Keeps dust and lint at bay plus easy to switch out. #JDCreativeHands #Quilted tote bags #tote bags
  • March roared a bit but April had some snow

    I have a few new sewing machine covers up. They have a fall feel. You know in selling we are always planning ahead. #sewing covers #dust covers

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